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We provide three General English programmes such as ​CELC School programme, Intensive programme, Individual programme, and Just Talk programme. Usual length of each class: 1 hour x 3 times a week



This programme will help you to pass your IELTS exam. We will be assisting you through pre-IELTS and IELTS preparation

Usual length of each class: 1hour x 3 times a week

English for Abituriyent

This programme established for 8th, 10th and 11th grade students in order to pass their state exams at school.​

​Usual length of each class: 1hour x 3 times a week


Designed an early development programme for 3-5 years old kids. The programme covers subjects such as speech improvement, maths, logic,  English, ethics, chess, theatre, drawing etc.

Usual length of each class: 4hours x 5times a week


Only 5-6 years old kids are eligible for this programme.

This programme designed for kids who are applying to year 1. This programme will help your kid to be fully ready to their first year of school as well as to pass any school entrance exam.

Usual length of each class: 2hours x 3times a week

Study Abroad

CELC does not only support you through your educational journey but also provide you a councultation service to study abroad.

We have variety packages to select. Our team is here to  provide professional guidance, assistance, knowledge and friendly support.

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