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Hello everyone. Maybe your friends or you’ve been humiliated by people around you, for instance, classmates. Yes, I’m talking about bullying. In this blog I’m going to talk about what is bullying and how to deal with the biggest problem for each person.

Bullying is when a child or group of children abuse their power to hurt others. There are different types of bullying: physical, social, verbal and cyber bullying. Mostly bullying happens at school by classmates.

You want to ask: why do aggressors bully simple and innocent children?

The reason of this can be envy or jealousy, a desire to show to everyone their power and influence, unusual or untidy appearance, isolation or new face in the class. It must be remembered that bullying in school can have disastrous consequences, and we must do our best to prevent it. It can be either a suicide of the victim or revenge on the aggressors - shooting at a school, etc. They may experience a variety of mental disorders.

What can be done to prevent this?

The most important - don't be silent. If you're silent, the situation may be worse and worse. Talk to your parents, teachers. But first of all, you should talk with your offenders and recognise what are they bullying you for. Consult a psychologist, maybe he(she) can help you to solve this problem..

Noone deserves to be bullied. We are all people and we are equal. And we need to make this world kinder, not oppress it.

Author: Naila Hajiyeva

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