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Majority of the forest fires in the world are caused by humans. These preventable wildfires threaten people's lives, properties and our precious natural resources and wild life.

Nowadays there are so many forest fires which terribly hurt our planet. It destroys animals' habitats, pollutes the air (which is dreadful for the earth), and destroys trees which are the source of oxygen that means life for us and as a result, even humanity suffers. Additionally, all above mentioned have a special role in our lives and those severe damages can affect the economy of the country where it happens.

So how we can prevent it?

First comes first, we must be quite attentive. Pay very close attention to weather and drought conditions, which can impact the #flammability of #vegetation. Do your best to avoid any fire or spark involved activities when it’s hot, dry, and even windy. For example, when you go #camping you should build your #campfire in an open location and be sure it is far from flammables. Moreover, do not leave any #bonfires until you make sure that it is completely extinguished and pour some water on them. Because your campfire can potentially cause #wildfires if you do not build and extinguish it properly. Most importantly check conditions and regulations before using fire/ fireworks or perhaps, consider safe alternatives.

In my opinion, the government should set some security guards around forests due to someone can do it expressly and purposely. Also, to make the situation as well as #ourplanet a better place we should plant more trees for #ourfuture and just not pollute our air, water, lands, forests etc. WE SHOULD JUST TAKE CARE OF THE EARTH!

Author: Umid Bashirov


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