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Goals in Life

This blog is about what life goals are, how you set them, and how you can achieve them.

We all strive for something in our lives. We want to become someone, have something, and go somewhere. Therefore, it is very important to correctly determine in which direction it is worth moving. When we set #goals in our life, we envision, plan for, and commit to achieving these desired results. Because our lives involve many various parts, life goals can be broad, including essential things like career goals, financial goals, and more. Setting and having goals in life is an important part of what it means to be alive and gaining them can feel rewarding for people.

How to set a goal?

Not all #goals or #targets in life are good for you. Because some types of goal setting are thought to be good for well-being while other types are not so much. For example, achieving more materialistic stuff (i.e., money, houses, cars, etc.) seldom results in an essential positive effect on #well-being. Indeed, you hear about people who got the 'great opportunity' in life or the 'perfect life' who are still not happy enough. That may be because they set the wrong goals for themselves. Every year, usually in December, people make a list of things they would like to achieve next year. Some tasks you can start and do right away, but some will take more time. If you're not excited about your goals, then youwon't be striving for them at a high level.

How to achieve your goal?

When it comes to #achieving #yourgoal, it is far more than dedication and just hard work. Strategy is the key! Plan and set small steps towards your #maingoal. It is always satisfying to tick the boxes and have easy tasks instead of having one big goal. However, be mindful while setting your plan and be sure the plan will lead you to your main goal.

In my opinion, the goal in life can be what you want, which allows you to develop, and also benefits other people. Finally, I want to say that goals are big and small noble and selfish, but they #guide you through life.

Author: Ofelia Habibullayeva


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